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"Arman Neda Tarkhish" clearance group, with more than 10 years of experience since 1989, has officially started its activities in the field of commercial services and clearance of goods and transportation of goods by sea, air, road, transit and rail. Relying on its experienced and committed experts and operators, it has been able to gain the trust of its customers. Undoubtedly, the higher the level of expertise for the clearance of goods, the higher the speed for clearance. Arman Neda Tarkhish Trading Group is one of the most important customs clearance operators in the country, such as Jolfa, Khoy and Razi.

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Arman Neda Tarkhish Company is ready to sign a contract with companies, reputable factories and owners of goods to clear Jolfa, Khoy and Razi customs as follows:

1) Export of various Iranian goods 2) Obtaining order registration, obtaining statistical registration and obtaining a residence permit for importing all kinds of authorized goods
3) Cleaning all kinds of paper, writing materials, fabrics, spare parts for heavy machinery, road construction, industrial, passenger, agricultural machinery, elevators and elevator parts, all kinds of steel sheets, all kinds of mineral stones, all kinds of road construction machines, forklifts, agriculture, Types of generators, types of tires, heavy, road and industrial and ...
4) Transportation, transit and transhipment of all kinds of commercial goods
5) Providing commercial and customs consulting services, obtaining the necessary standards and licenses for import and clearance of goods from customs


Our services

1) Carrying out all customs formalities for import and export of goods
2) Consulting on export and import affairs
3) Registration of orders and obtaining licenses
4) Obtaining a standard certificate and inspection
5) Foreign and domestic transit, export and return transport
6) Transportation, unloading and loading
7) Pursuing customs lawsuits and consulting on resolving disputes between customs and goods owners  


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